Civic society organisations are deeply concerned that Northern Ireland is on the brink of a No Deal Brexit.

A No Deal Brexit would inflict major damage to our community and to future generations in Northern Ireland, with profound implications for our economy and society.

A No Deal Brexit would be a disaster for Northern Ireland. The No To No Deal campaign therefore calls on the UK government to accept that a No Deal Brexit is not a viable option and to do everything in its power to prevent this possibility as a matter of urgency.

We call on all members of the public and civil society, regardless of your view of Brexit, to support our campaign and say NO TO NO DEAL.


The impacts of a No Deal Brexit would include the following:

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Organisations supporting the No To No Deal campaign

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About the Campaign

  1. What is this campaign about?

    This is a civil society campaign focussed on avoiding a No Deal Brexit. Northern Ireland is on the coal face of Brexit and will inevitable suffer the worst effects of a No Deal outcome. The evidence is overwhelming that No Deal will be a disaster for the UK but particularly for Northern Ireland. There have been many organisations and individuals across all sections and sectors of our society who have highlighted these dangers and called upon the UK Government to avoid that scenario. This campaign is about providing a unifying focal point for all of those voices. We have support from rights across civil society in Northern Ireland and are asking other members of civil society and the public to help support our campaign.

  2. What is the goal of your campaign and what are you asking people to do?

    That's quite simple. We are calling on the UK Government to avoid a No Deal outcome. As regards the wider public we are asking them to support our campaign by liking and sharing the various social media sites, use the NoToNoDeal hashtag and frames but we are also asking people to use the campaign as a platform to highlight why No Deal is a bad idea from their own experiences

  3. Why is your campaign directed at the UK Government?

    Many organisations had various views on the referendum question but almost all of them said that we needed a sensible, coordinated plan that protected our society if we did leave. Three years later we look set to leave the EU without a deal at all. To many people that is an unacceptable outcome. We are citizens and organisations who reside within the jurisdiction of the UK. The responsible decision makers for protecting our future in this regard is the UK Government and that is why our campaign is directed towards them.

  4. Does this campaign have a view on whether Brexit should happen?

    This campaign isn't about whether the UK leaves the EU at all. This is a campaign against an exit without a No Deal. Indeed,the backers of this campaign come from a range of perspectives on the original referendum question-those who were supportive of leave, remain and neutral. What many people and organisations are saying is that they cannot be silent on the prospect of No Deal as it represents such a serious risk to our society. Many of the organisations that support this campaign will have their own (and perhaps differing) views on whether Brexit should proceed but this campaign is specifically about No Deal.

  5. Why are there lots of different voices and perspectives contributing to your campaign?

    We actually encourage a plurality of voices to become involved in this campaign. We expect a diversity of views on how the Brexit process progresses. The one unifying element however is that all supporters of this campaign feel that a No Deal Brexit is a terrible idea. The concept of this campaign is to bring together and amplify the voices of those saying No To No Deal.

  6. How did this campaign come about/who is behind it?

    The campaign was initiated and is being managed by a number of members of the Human Rights Consortium's Brexit Working Group, namely the Human Rights Consortium, Unison, NICVA, and the NUS-USI. However, it aims to involve all NI civic society organisations that are opposed to a no deal Brexit by inviting them to support the campaign message that a no deal Brexit must be prevented, and by providing them with a platform through which to express their own particular no deal Brexit concerns.